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Obscure Coast

2015 - 2020

At the edge of the continent, a ceaseless churn of arrival and departure, of water air and light, elements exposed and obscured, a moving mystery. On a day at the coast, with big trees behind and rocks and rolling surf ahead, with light sprinkled like tiny diamonds, I had an intense sensation: that the entity that is Earth feeds on beauty, and that our appreciation is part of that. These works are small prayers to the cycle of beauty, gratitude and nourishment.

Obscure Coast #1.jpg
Obscure Coast #2.jpg
Obscure Coast #3.jpg
Obscure Coast #5, no frame.jpg
Indian Beach April.jpg, ocean,coast, rocks, seascape,waves, shoreline, blue, violet, silver,black, brown, rocks, Pacific Northwest, Oregon coast, encaustic, mixed media, paper, drawing, painting
Rock Sand Sea Star.jpg
Obscure Coast #4.jpg
Search for Open Ocean.jpg
Always Being Born.jpg
Another Kingdom.JPG
Indian Beach 1b.jpg
Indian Beach July.jpg, coast, rocks, ocean, tide zone, blue, brown, orange, seascape, landscape, encaustic, paper, drawing, mixed media, painting, summer
Porous Border #1.jpg
Porous Border #2.jpg
Cape Lookout.JPG
Waiting Ffor Magellan.jpg
Where Souls Pass By.jpg
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