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2012 - 2023

While walking, I often take photos. Moving through the world and pausing to look through the viewfinder is a way of engaging and awakening the eye, and of saying "Yes,This ". It can also be a way of de-objectifying, where what one looks at becomes not rock or tree, but composition, color and light. Sometimes the photos become the seeds for new artworks. As paintings, these mementos of engagement are transformed - becoming, with artist materials and gestures, objects that contain and depict their own new reality.  But, the initial "Yes " remains - a loving acknowledgement of the land that is home.

woods, trees, grasses, landscape, encaustic, painting, yellow, green
Burned Woods Fall.jpg, trees, woods, fall, autum, forest fire, recovery, regrowth, gray, green, orange, brown, encaustic, painting, mixed media, landscape, Pacific Northwest, Cascades
Little Woods Near Glad Run.jpg forest trees landscape, springtime, bark, leaves, encaustic painting
Edge of the Woods March.JPG, trees, forest, lansdscape, encaustic painting, grey green blue brown pink, early spring
wet woods near glad run.jpg
Biota.jpg, forest, trees, northwest coastal woods, sitka sedge, moss, green, encaustic painting, art of the Northwest
Middle Falls.jpg
Coast Woods #2.jpg, Forest, Rainforest, trees, landscape, Pacific Northwest, Oregon, coast woods, Sitka Spruce, moss, green,brown, yellow green, branches, encaustic, painting, mixed media
water, rocks, river, Northwest, landscape, Lewis River; encaustic, painting, blue, green
Cascades Pool #2.jpg, rocks, water, waterfall, stones, mountain pool, Pacific Northwest, Oregon, Cascades, red, yellow, oragnge, green, blue, sparkle, ripples, vibration, landscape, encaustic, painting, mixed media
Blossom Falls Spirit.jpg, waterfall, moss, blossoms, blooms, water spirit, water, green, blue, ultramarine, pink, gold, eyes, landscape, rocks, leaves, encaustic, painting, mixed media
river, rocks, water, landscape, Northwest, Lewis River, forest, painting, blue, green, white, evening, beeswax
 Gloria jpeg, landscape, bushes, flowers springtime, light, pink, greens, bark, moss, underbrush, encaustic painting, artwork
Edge of the Woods Gang.JPG, trees, forest, woods, landscape, blue green gray silver, encaustic
Foggy Wood Near Glad Run.jpg
Above the Creek Before the Fire #1.jpg
Above the Creek Before the Fire #2.jpg
River Near Rainbow Camp.jpg
Let's Stay Together.jpg
Falls Creek Pool.JPG, landscape, forest, stream, creek, trees, Northwest Cascades, green, brown, reflections, encaustic painting, artwork
Cascades Pool.JPG
Wet Spot in Woods.jpg
Coast Wood.jpg
Tidal Zone #4.jpg
Tidal Zone #3.jpg
Tidal Zone #1.jpg
Tidal Zone #2.JPG
The Long Farewell.jpg
Branch Monster.jpg
Edge of Smith Lake.jpg
Drifted #1.jpg
Falls #2.jpg
Big Rock.jpg
From High Bridge.jpg
Falls #1.jpg
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