Currently Available Artworks


The artworks on this page are currently available for sale. Some may be at a gallery or retail location and some are in storage at my home. Some have been on my own walls for awhile and now I feel ready to let them move on to a new home.

Many of the pieces are framed in simple custom made wood float frames that are stained or painted to enhance the art. If you are interested in a particular piece I can email photos that show the frame and details of the work.

These are unique original artworks. They require care in packing and shipping. If you are interested in a piece that needs to be shipped, a price quote will be required. I typically ship fully insured Fed Ex, and only within the U.S. I don't ship during extreme hot or cold weather. Payment is typically through paypal. If you live in or are visiting the Pacific Northwest or you're near Portland, Oregon, we may be able to arrange an in-person viewing or studio tour.

Please contact me for prices or more information: 

Color Test.jpg, little bottles, colors, drawing, painting, collage, encaustic, assortment of containers
The Shifting Season #2.jpg
Sometimes, Notions.jpg
All Shook Up.jpg
Cake Plate Volcano.jpg
Divine Intervention.jpg
Containment Vessel.jpg
Little Woods Near Glad Run.jpg, forest, trees, branches, mysterious, leaves, green, brown, grey, black, yellow, painting, encaustic
Edge of the Woods March.JPG, woods, trees, bark, branches, winter, grays, greys, painting, encaustic
Falls Creek Pool.JPG, forest, trees, water, stream, pool, rocks, moss, reflections, green, brown, painting, landscape, encaustic
Cascades Pool.JPG
Middle Falls.jpg
Gloria.jpg, spring, bushes, flowers, blooms, light, twigs, moss, green, pink, encaustic painting, artwork, sunshine
Edge of the Woods Gang.JPG
The Long Farewell.jpg
Porous Border #2.jpg
Search for Open Ocean.jpg
Indian Beach April.jpg
Tidal Zone #4.jpg
Branch Monster.jpg
Coast Wood.jpg
Above the Creek Before the Fire #1.jpg
Above the Creek Before the Fire #2.jpg
Drift Pile #1.jpg
Falls #2.jpg
La Grande  Wood Pile.jpg
String Theory - This Moment.jpg
My Specialness.jpg
Change You Can Believe In.jpg