Implied Container

2017 - 2020

This series began as play, using inks, watercolors, markers and pencils to make marks on kozo paper. The paper was saturated with clear wax medium, making translucent sheets that could be cut, torn, layered and arranged on encaustic coated wood panels before being embedded in more wax medium and fused onto the panel.


Many of us have an almost primal desire to collect and arrange objects. I spend a lot of time - maybe too much -  moving shapes around to find groupings that create a kind of poetry of adjacencies.  In the first works of this series I thought of the pieces as shelves. As it continued, I began to think of them as implied containers - as boundries holding a moment of sensation, memory, or landscape. They became stand-ins for the body and the ebb and flow of impressions and thoughts; images of something elusive momentarily constrained.

Shelf #1.jpg
Shelf #2.JPG
Shelf #3.JPG
Shelf #4.JPG
Shelf #5.JPG
Shelf #6.JPG
Shelf #7.JPG
Interior Monolog.JPG
Conditions Remain Variable.jpg
Early July.jpg
Caught and Released.jpg
Sometimes, Notions.jpg
Divine Intervention.jpg
Containment Vessel.jpg
All Shook Up.jpg